17th April – Oceania Middle Distance – Ponganui Road (Onewhero)

The Oceania middle distance competition will be held at Ponganui Road, which is about 80 minutes south of Auckland in an area called Onewhero.  The name Onewhero translates from Maori as “Red Earth”, which describes the soil colour typical in the Franklin region.

More specific information on the day will be posted here as it comes to hand and we get closer to the event, but for now….


Open farmland in limestone karst terrain. Features numerous valleys hemmed by large cliffs and boulder fields. There are many tomos marked with black V symbol, some large and many just small dangerous holes. Some steep ridges have eroded surfaces which are best avoided – mapped with special symbol for broken ground. Marsh areas are frequent and may be dry. Small patches of native trees and some re-generating tea tree. In general, rolling to steep and climb on courses reflect this.


This map has been used once for the New Zealand National Championships in 2015


Click on the image to go to the interactive Oceania/WMOC Google Map or all locations


These are working farms with usual hazards associated with normal farming practice.
Fences may have occasional broken wires and there will be animals present. There are numerous cliffs, pits and dangerous holes, some small but deep.


Due to the nature of the terrain every competitor should carry a whistle. Full body cover is recommended and leg protection is considered essential.


Photo credit: Christine Brown



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